The luxury of hindsight

I should have started this blog in 2007.

But back then I had no idea that the events that were about to unfold would change my life forever. I expected it to be a fun girls' weekend in Italy, no doubt full of stories worth telling, but at the time it was just another randomly-inspired freak-out trip.

Ok, in all honesty, it wasn't really that random. But more on that later...

I was going to date my posts as they occurred chronologically, in an effort to lend some structure and context to what would otherwise be a chaotic stream of consciousness that even those with a Ph.D in crazy-talk would find challenging to follow.

But stories are organic, living things. Over time, they change, adapt and evolve as we do, distilled in hindsight as the emotionally-biased perspectives of real-time slowly separate themselves from the raw truths that come to define our history.

So I think it's important to acknowledge if and when something is being written in retrospect with the luxuries of time gone by: wounds healed, laughter shared, lessons learned. And the all-important opportunity to implement revisionist history.

I'm back in Chicago for a couple of weeks to pack more of my stuff. I'm going back to Holland soon and this time, it's for good. Really. At least until summer...

Turns out Chicago isn't the only one having trouble letting go. Which is ironic because I've been trying to leave here for years.

After living in LA for 2 years following some hare-brained idea to go to law school (even though I had no desire to be a lawyer) I moved back to Chicago and immediately started working in Florida where I commuted every week for nearly 5 years. Two years ago I was planning to move to DC until I went to visit Tanya while she was studying Spanish in Spain. A month later I started taking Italian classes and made up my mind to move to Italy. Last year all that changed and I took a detour - a big one. This year I  am a newly-wed expat sort-of living in Holland. Sheesh.

I don't really know where this story begins. In theory one could say that everything we've ever done leads us to this exact time and place in our lives. Actually, that proves itself up in practice as well. We are planning to be back in Rome for the upcoming Mille Miglia. On deck is a walk down memory lane.

With that, I invite you back to the beginning of this particular story:

Chicago, circa August 2007, and the random text that started it all.
"Anyone want to go to Paris or Rome for Labor Day?"


  1. I remember that weekend you went to Rome and I was like you are going to Rome for a weekend? I told you, you were nuts.....I now have read your blog and I think I should follow in your foot steps and plan an impromptu to Italy for labor day....extraordinary....Palanza

  2. Like. You write the best things about your wonderful life...I am always at the edge of my seat when I read you. Yes,and I do mean, you. G, you just shine through everything you do....keep that happiness alive. I am definitely a follower of you, well, hmmm...maybe more like a disciple, LOL! Love you.

  3. Haha, you guys are awesome!! Thanks so much for reading!

    CP - get over here girl! You will have a blast! If you make it, give me a shout. I'm ALWAYS up for a girls'weekend in Rome :)

    Lish - your comments are like the best bear hugs! But you are a follower of no one, Goddess Girl! Keep being the beautiful being that you are :)


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